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Spider-Man 4 dialogue

Lines I'd like to hear in Spider-Man 4:

"Wait. These people kidnapped us as bait for Spider-Man!"
"I know, Gwen!"
"...It's a new experience for me, M.J."
"Happens to me all the time."

"There's a way to use your powers responsibly, to make the world a better place. And you know what? Wearing a mask and beating up bank robbers because you miss your Uncle Ben is not it!"

"I'm not worried he's the phony Jameson says he is. I'm terrified he's the hero everyone else says he is."

"Well? Do you have a message from Spider-Man? Where is he?"
"Miss Brant... Why is Mr. Jameson talking to that spider?"
"I... don't... know!"

"When the local billionaire uses unique technology to help Spider-Man fight a giant sand creature and a black goo monster, people get interested."

"The U.S. government built Spider-Slayer robots to *kill* me?"
"Well, just capture you, really. But Spider-Slayers sounded cooler than Spider-Capturers."

"Peter, I showed that symbiote sample you gave me to Dr. Morbius from the biology department and... I think he did something to it."

"Be a man, Captain Stacey. Arms heal fast."

"See? And you thought seeing John again after you left him at the alter would be awkward!"
"Yes, I certainly dodged that bullet."

"You were born to do this, Peter Parker. It's in your blood."
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