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The origin of Major Maple Leaf... sort of.

As we know, Northstar revealed he was gay while battling Major Maple Leaf. But that wasn't the first time Major Maple Leaf was mentioned. Sort of. It's a little complicated.

Most of the X-Men are going for a picnic behind the mansion. Logan wants to test his hunting abilities by stalking (but not hurting) the deer on the grounds. But...

That stuff about the lake house might be the first time we get a hint that Charles and Moria were more than just friends, back when she was Moria Kinross.
It seems the best way to sneak up on Wolverine is to tunnel underneath him. Makes sense.

Given that James Hudson knows Wolverine better than almost anyone (he and his wife found Logan when he was half-crazed after escaping the Weapon X project), you have to wonder why he didn't just, y'know, ask nicely. Unless he figured the only way he'd get Logan to listen is through extreme violence. Which makes sense.

The bit about Ororo and the mansion's pool has probably been mentioned elsewhere. In a nutshell, Ororo isn't one for bathing suits. Which is why we all love her.


Thus, the origin of the Major Maple Leaf. Kind of.

I'm not sure how Weapon Alpha was able to just vanish, although I think it was covered in ALPHA FLIGHT #17. James Hudson later appeared with all of Alpha Flight backing him up, and it still wasn't enough to get Logan to rejoin the team.
Tags: banshee, chris claremont, colossus, john byrne, major maple leaf, moria mactaggart, storm, weapon alpha, wolverine, x-men
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