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With all the WATCHMEN hoopla going on, perhaps more regular fans will get a better understanding of the "grim and gritty" era of comic books. And article in Slate said how between WATCHMEN and DKR, superhero comics especially at DC got darker and darker.

In a recent interview, Alan Moore said, "The thing that I most regretted about Watchmen: That something that I saw as a very exciting celebratory thing seemed to become a kind of hair shirt that the super-hero had to wear forever after. … [T]hey've all got to be miserable and doomed. That was never what me and Dave intended."

Even Moore wanted to lighten up superhero comics a bit, with Supreme and Tom Strong. Top Ten has grim moments, but the characters aren't "miserable and doomed."

Watchmen helped kick off a decadent death spiral that would see adolescent violence peddled as adult content full of rape, murder, and corpse-burning.

Sounds about right, mostly done at DC. Marvel just killed off the original Captain America and turned Iron Man into a quasi-fascist, and that was before putting Norman Osborn in charge so every Marvel hero can be as miserable as Spider-Man.

There's also talk of how non-superhero comics didn't catch on. IMHO, the closest comic about "average folks" that gained popularity was "Strangers in Paradise," and even that had Katchoo as an ex-secret agent fighting against her former boss.
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