Ideas for Death of Barbara Gordon

"You have quite a collection of medicines here, Ms. Gordon. These must be your 'The Joker severed my spine and Pointy Ears McGee couldn't be bothered to return the favor' pills. These are your 'Circus boy would rather bounce around the world than be tied down to a librarian' pills. And these pills... are the reason I'm here, aren't they?"

"Are you calling me a coward, Ms. Gordon? I'm not afraid to die, I'm not afraid to kill and I'm not afraid of weightlifters that dress up like flying megachiroptera."

"We had a deal... Barbara."

The Death of Barbara Gordon

Denial: Jason Todd, knowing something about retconned deaths, checks it out with his mad detective skillz.
Anger: The Huntress wouldn’t torture someone to find out who killed Barbara Gordon... would she?
Bargaining: Black Canary starts looking for Lazarus Pits and that weird "resurrection lightning" from the Lightning Saga.
Depression: Power Girl had a lot of unresolved issues with Barbara Gordon. Looks like they are staying unresolved.
Acceptance: Batman and Commission Gordon have seen a lot of death. While you don’t get used to it, you do accept it.